TINT Cosmetics: The New Vanguard in Beauty Retail

TINT Cosmetics: The New Vanguard in Beauty Retail

TINT Cosmetics has carved its niche in an ever-evolving market and continuously seeks the next big thing. It has begun to make waves not only in the Indian beauty scene but also on the international platform. Heralding a fresh perspective to online beauty retail, TINT goes beyond mere product offerings. It embodies a philosophy that resonates with the new-age consumer — a blend of sustainable practices, a commitment to curating only the highest quality products, and an emphasis on inclusive representation. What sets TINT Cosmetics apart is its intuitive online shopping experience, catering to connoisseurs and novices alike. As the global beauty landscape shifts towards authenticity and meaningful engagement, TINT Cosmetics emerges as a forward-thinking leader, ready to redefine standards and set new benchmarks.

Watch out, world; this is not just another online store — it's beauty retail's future.



Prada Beauty's Dazzling Return! 🌟

Iconic Revival: Italian luxury icon Prada collaborates with French beauty giant L'Oréal, unveiling a sumptuous makeup and skincare range.

Signature Style: Featuring serums, matte lipsticks, and eyeshadow palettes, all wrapped in Prada's emblematic triangle logo packaging.

Avant-Garde Beauty: As described by Prada, it's a fusion of "tech and creativity", crafted with makeup maestro Lynsey Alexander. Stay Luxe. Stay Beautiful. ✨💄



🌟 E.l.f. Beauty Shines Bright! 🌟

  • E.l.f Beauty's stock sparkles with a 16% surge, reaching a record high of $133.20.
  • Celebrating a "blemish-free" quarter with a whopping 76% increase in net sales.
  • Not just affordable elegance but innovative products and brilliant marketing pave their golden path.
  • In a market of cautious spenders, E.L.F.'s allure remains unstoppable.
  • Stock performance? A fiery 144% leap this year alone! 🔥🔥🔥


🌺 Beauty Billionaire Alert! 🌺

  • Zhang Liguo, creator of the famous Chinese skincare brand Fuerjia, steps into the billionaire circle after a sizzling debut on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • Rising from a pharmacist to a beauty mogul, Zhang introduced the $3 facial masks that propelled Fuerjia to a staggering $246 million in sales in a year.
  • Yet, with fierce digital-age competition and regulatory scrutiny, Fuerjia's glow might face a few blemishes.
  • Fuerjia's latest skincare addition, Huihuxi, is an infant in the beauty arena, awaiting its moment to shine.
  • Amidst the allure and challenges, can Fuerjia retain its radiant appeal? Stay tuned, beauty enthusiasts! 💄🌟


TINT Cosmetics

TINT Cosmetics: Redefining Beauty's Digital Frontier

TINT Cosmetics is more than just a name; it's a revolution in the expansive world of online beauty retail. Straddling both the Indian and international markets, TINT embodies modernity, sustainability, and inclusivity. By curating top-tier products and championing a platform that caters to every beauty enthusiast, TINT transcends the conventional e-commerce mold.

Its commitment to representing the diverse tapestry of beauty is evident in every curated collection and featured brand. As we observe and celebrate TINT's meteoric rise in the beauty realm, we are thrilled to announce our commitment to keeping you informed. We pledge to continue unearthing and sharing invaluable insights, trends, and revelations from the ever-evolving beauty space through our monthly newsletter. 

Stay tuned, stay radiant, and let TINT and our senses guide your beauty journey.

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